My work in AR and VR, both mobile and device driven.

For my senior capstone I created a wearable and AR app combo in order to discreetly treat anxiety. A full wite up can be found here

Odmor Final Demo from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

This project explores what a space would look like then a prevalent element is changed. I used the Washington Square Arch as an example. This technology can be utilized in any space, for example when redesigning your home you can test out how three different chairs can look in the space.

Park Perspective AR doc 1 from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

My first ever AR project, created using the Adobe Creative Suite and Aurasma. This Augment is meant to draw attention to the Womens March.

Augmented Womens March from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

A quick augment showcasing some of my motion graphics work.

Que Augment from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

A test project for environment manipulation and intervention

Office Augment from Alexis Z on Vimeo.