Shy Mirror

This installation was created for my Interactive Installations course. We wanted to explore human nature as it pertains to vanity. How much time does one person take out of their life to contemplate their own existence, or even more specifically how they physically appear to other people? The pinnacle of vain objects, and a well-known physical manifestation of vanity, is the mirror. We decided to make a mirror the main component of our installation. It is easy to become infatuated with self-reflection, to a point where one becomes obsessed with the reflection of the self. Our project attempts the fracture that infatuation, by designing a mirror that spins away when a viewer approaches it. This forces the person attempting to view themselves to instead view others around them.

Shy Mirror from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

IMA Show Shy Mirror Debut from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

Marriage Market Installation

This installation prototype was created with the intent of being displayed in the Shanghai Marriage Market. The Marriage Market is a park lined with unbrellas that parents put up for their children, containing information about their lives in an attempt to find them a spouse.

Marriage Market Installation from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

Organic Spiral

This installation was created for my interactive installations course. The objective of the assignment was to create a modular project using 100 of the same item.

Organic Spiral from Alexis Z on Vimeo.

Contour Tool

As a personal project I decided to create a template to aid contouring.

Contour Tool from Alexis Z on Vimeo.