What Classes?

We offer a variety of classes here on select weekends and weekdays.

Keep a lookout here and on the events page for information on upcoming classes.

Classes Offered


One Day Glass

Come for our one day class where we will cover the basics of glassblowing, and allow you to create something, with the help of our trained staff, that you can take home!


Multiple Day Glass

Come over multiple days to this class where will will make something substancial, and you can take it home with you!


Group Glass

You and a group can come in and learn to blow glass together. Create something and take it with you!

A look at the experience

The Furnace

Submerce your glass into the furnace to hit it to liquid temperatures, so that it can be molded and cooled.

Molding Glass

When your glass comes out of the oven pipping hot, use tools to shape and mold it to it's final form.

Blowing Glass

One your glass is out and shped into a basic form, you can blow it up to form a sphere, or any other form you can mold from there.

Roasting Glass

While your glass cooks and melts in the furnace, you keep constant care of it turning, and rotating it, to allow for an even and proper melt.