I have finished prototyping control interfaces in XD and Sketch–I think I like the Sketch interface a little better, and may use it to make most of the rest of my visual interfaces. The one basically irrelevant technical issue I’m facing right now is randomizing which artboard is shown when a user takes the gamble option. So for example, in the interface below, when the user selects the “A 50% chance to win $1000, a 50% chance to win nothing” option, they are directed to either the winning or losing artboard not based on true randomness, but based on where they click on the prototype.

The control interface’s gamble outcomes are not ideal–yet

I have contacted both Adobe and Sketch about writing a script for a plugin to address this issue, but neither have responded with the needed code, presumably because they don’t want another prototyping company stealing it, which is understandable.

Besides that, I feel like I have a good start. I tested the control on two users who said it worked fine. They both took quite a long time to make their choice, which is good, I think–they were considering their options because they were risky, hopefully.

Next I will adapt this control environment for mobile devices and test that, to see if it changes risk perception. After that, I will begin playing with the visuals/audio of the interface. I have a prototype for a voice-command system begun–that will be a fun one to test.

There is a question posed in this control interface, but it will most likely be replaced with these two:

Kahneman’s problem:
1. You have $4 million. Due to a situation out of your control, you are being asked to either gamble or give away your money.

Would you rather:

a. Have an equal (50/50) chance to end up owning either $1 million or the full $4 million

b. Have a 100% chance of owning $2 million.

Prospect theory claims most people will choose A.

Fischoff & Kapvany’s problem:
A rare disease is expected to kill 600 people in the community you lead. Your advisors give you two options for treating disease people in the community.

a. The first treatment option will work for only 200 people. 400 of the 600 people in your community are certain to die.

b. The second treatment option has a 33% chance of saving everyone, but a 66% chance of killing everyone.

Which option do you choose?

Prospect theory claims most people will choose A.

After the controls, each of my interfaces will be attempting to get users to choose option “B” (as they appear here).

Here are the current control interfaces. Let me know what you think of them:

Control Interface for your desktop/laptop computer

Control Interface for your mobile phone

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