This is a post-hoc post (hahaha) but here’s what I worked on the week of February 25:

At the crit, several advisors mentioned they were concerned that the vast array of images and sounds that I include in my experimental interfaces could drastically effect the responses I get from users, as far as willingness or unwillingness to take risks. My natural inclination is therefore to create interfaces that have relatively generic images and sounds associated with them. This is the first iteration of my Visual Interface:

Version 1 of the vIsual interface

I realize that this interface is still not perfect, and I plan in the next few iterations on creating images myself, as the ones here are a little too targeted. I genuinely struggled with putting a sneezing baby in the second intro artboard, before deciding that wsa too manipulating and replacing the baby with a sneezing grown white man.

The images of crowds are too imprecise for me–I need to find a better way to represent 200 people out of 600, and the chances of 66% of them dying, in images.

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