This week I focused on honing my actual spoken thesis defense. Here was the deck I was working on when I started this week, giving my Mock Thesis defense on Monday:

Thesis Presentation Deck Draft 1

The mock defense went fine–I’m glad I ran through it so many time to figure out what parts were confusing to the audience. The one part that went a little rough in the Mock Defense session was the conclusion: folks had some different thoughts about how users would experience browser speed being slowed down or sped up due to ISPs messing with internet speed.

So that section of the deck needs editing. I think I will also re-do the graphic style of the deck to be more in line with the poster for the defense, which at the moment looks like this:

Kind of comic-booky, which is a style I really like, as a huge nerd. It’s also a style of line drawing that I’ve been practicing a lot in Illustrator, and when I was thinking about what I wanted to inspire my thesis, I was looking a lot at the modern comic style of artists like Woshibai.

Also, I entered this thesis into a pitch competition called the Falling Walls Lab, and was selected to present to a committee of judges on May 3, 2019! The winner of the competition goes on to pitch in Berlin, Germany. I’m presenting less on the studies done in this thesis, and more on the website I created as a result of those studies,

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