Discovery Log: ZOODLES

Last night my boyfriend and I decided to cook dinner. We are both vegetarians and tend to eat crappy foods and take-out, rather than actually cook up something good.

After browsing my Pinterest board full of recipes I never try, we decided to cook spicy thai zoodles!

I have been wanting to try zoodles for a long time. In fact, I bought a julienne peeler exactly for that purpose about two years ago and have NEVER USED IT! So tonight was the night to go into the ZOODLE ZONE.

Things I learned:

– I don’t have a tablespoon in my measuring cup set. Only teaspoons in this house!

– To soften brown sugar that has become a rock in your pantry because no one cooks in your household, place it in a bowl under a damp paper towel and stick it in the microwave for 30 secs (and repeat until soft!).

– I am so good at making zoodles! It took my boyfriend twice as long to peel the zucchinis. I found the peeler to be extremely fun to use.

Our dish turned out pretty good! I would say we should have used less ginger in the sauce and given the zoodles more time to dry out. Next time I want to try adding some crispy, baked tofu to add a different texture to the mix. Overall I would call this a success!

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