Nouvelle Norme

Nouvelle Norme started as an idea, how can we take music and fashion and blend them in ways not seen before. Music and fashion have influenced each other greatly over the years, from the bobby soxer fanatics of Frank Sinatra to the punk subculture of the 1970s and now with hip hop and streetwear in the 21st century. That influence and interaction between two creative mediums is so self apparent but few groups try to explicit explore their relationship. Maison Kitsune was started by two friends who wanted to own both a record label and a fashion house and were successful at that but weren’t keen on blending the two together. For many years, music merchandising has been a way of explore the relationship between the two mediums, however, it is more of a commercial venture. Kanye West’s merch line in 2016 stemmed from the release of his album “The Life of Pablo” and was championed as a influential line for the fashion of that year. West’s success gave ultimately begged the question, how blurred could the line between fashion and music become. Nouvelle Norme seeks to blur that line by producing original music along with clothing made by the artists themselves. The project was to design a website that was able to demonstrate Nouvelle Norme’s ambitions of blurring the lines between fashion and music. The website would serve as a platform for the releases of capsules which are original music collections along with original pieces that were made in the same creative process as the music. The first capsule contains an original extended play (EP) titled “Pilot” along with 3 pieces that come straight from the music itself. In collaboration with the artists on the EP, we created 3 pieces we felt came from the same creative output as did the music.
  • Photo documentation of "Nouvelle Norme" by Jorge Torres