This project is about developing a mobile application call ChiManChu that can improve and people’s behavior in online broadcast community. Streaming is one of the biggest media these days and Twitch is leading company in it. Contents for each streamer are their own to create but as trend goes streamer and viewers create contents together. Especially in Korea, there is a system call Mission where viewers propose an objective to a streamer with certain donation as rewards and streamer either accept or not if the mission is worth doing it. If streamer succeed they get donations and even if fail streamer still created good contents so it is a win-win. Problem with system is that oftentimes when mission is complete viewer does not play up and disappear. In this case there is no way to solve this situation but to just ban that user’s ID.
So this mobile application, ChiManChu will create system where proposing mission and tracking it is much more convenient and make sure the donation bet on it stays.
For name ChiManChu, it means Add $10 when Chicken. So this mission culture had its boom with release of Playerknown’s Battlegrounds and if you win the game it says Win Win Chicken Dinner. Man stands for 10,000 won which is $10 and Chu is add. Its an abbreviation of saying if you win this round I will donate $10.
Going back to how the app functions, it will be a third trust party. We make sure the viewer has money to donate before proposing by having them charge the in-app currency and use it to bet on the mission. Then we make sure streamer gets the mission, understand it and receive the reward in the end if he or she succeed. Also, we added a few more features. It not one person who bet on a mission. One person starts it and more people bet on it. We keep track of the number for streamers. Also, some mission are just propose but never get to be played. Streamer can choose ones that they wanted to try for viewer to see and if they want to support it.
  • Photo documentation of "ChiManChu" by Shane Park
  • Photo documentation of "ChiManChu" by Shane Park