Nature, anxiety, and the city

nature, anxiety, and the city

Natural environments and green spaces may have the potential to facilitate emotional regulation and foster human mind-body wellness. But the growth of cities has led to less available green space for city dwellers. Nature has the potential to be the solution to at least some of our mental health concerns. How can I spread awareness to other urban dwellers about the lack of nature in our everyday lives through art?


This week I received some helpful feedback during demo day and from meeting with Mark: Add a photo from the plant the cuttings are from to make the story easier to see What is the origin of the parent plant (where the cuttings are from)? Origin story of the culture it’s from originally could make […]

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This week I’ve been preparing for Demo Day by gathering more supplies, creating stickers with more information on building a community to be included on the planters, and refining my elevator pitch. I’ve also been doing more research on the wearable plant front and a lot of what I had been thinking has already been […]

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Because the website is an integral part of the rest of my project, I went ahead and created a site w/out getting feedback on my wireframes. Instead I will get feedback on the launched site and make changes. Here is a link to the website and to the Instagram account for my project. I started […]

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I’ve interviewed a handful of people who replied to my reddit posts and a coworker who has more than 50 plants in her apartment and I’m finding some interesting stories. I hope to have a solid six stories in order to launch the website. I am tentatively calling my project Plants for All. The website […]

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This past week I interviewed 10 people within the worlds of horticultural therapy, urban agriculture, and forest therapy in order to gather more information on what makes plants so beneficial for us. These experts are: Kay Knight, Off-site coordinator, Horticultural Therapy Services, Windy City Harvest, Chicago Botanic Garden Joel Flagler, Horticultural Therapist, County Extension Department […]

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This week I met with my advisor, Vanessa Harden, to discuss my project. Not only has she created projects that run in the same vein as what I’m trying to do, she’s also an established industry professional who also teaches Ideation and Prototyping at NYU. And she could immediately see that there was an important […]

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This week in addition to researching and writing the first draft of the background section of my thesis paper, I started gathering items to be used in my prototypes. While talking with Mark this week he gave me the idea to carry a plant around with me. I wonder what kind of conversations it will […]

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This week we were paired with our advisors and I will be working under the guidance of Vanessa Harden. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with her. I’ve been ideating prototypes to create to run as experiments that will lead up to my final work. Many of my ideas involve wearable items, instead of […]

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In the first week of this semester I compiled an annotated bibliography of some of the references that helped inform my thesis project to this point. I also looked through all of the suggested advisors’ websites and I am still selecting my top three (which will be done before 5pm tomorrow). I met with both […]

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