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This week we were paired with our advisors and I will be working under the guidance of Vanessa Harden. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with her.

I’ve been ideating prototypes to create to run as experiments that will lead up to my final work. Many of my ideas involve wearable items, instead of a full subway car installation as I originally created. Here are a few of my ideas, including one that I’m putting into the works right now:

The images above will be printed at 11″H x 40″W and will be covertly placed in the advertising space of a subway car. I will then attempt to monitor reactions of other riders who did not see me place them. Ideally, I will get to interview a few of these folks. The purpose is to gauge both how looking at the images made the user feel and how the surprise of it made them feel once they realized they weren’t looking at an ad (if they realized that). I’m hoping to find out how encountering nature in unexpected places can affect city dwellers with this experiment. And next will be out of the 2D realm and into the real stuff.

An ideation page from my sketchbook

A couple of other ideas include green-colored glasses or glasses with transparent images of plant life on them. Or a traveling plant backpack that you can look at during your ride. These ideas are not meant to be practical and instead I am thinking of them as somewhat ridiculous art pieces that give awareness to the lack-of-nature problem many city residents experience.

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