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This week in addition to researching and writing the first draft of the background section of my thesis paper, I started gathering items to be used in my prototypes. While talking with Mark this week he gave me the idea to carry a plant around with me. I wonder what kind of conversations it will spark and how frustrating it will be to have another thing to carry. My plan is to keep a log about my experience with the plant that will help inform other parts of the project that I’m working on.

I could just carry the plant in a bag but my plan is to create a sort of plant-bjorn (ala Baby Bjorn, see image below). But I really enjoy making things, especially forms of wearable technology so I’m going to use this opportunity to apply that skill. Also, the ridiculous of it fits in well with where my mind is at in terms of creating these prototypes.

Baby Bjorn baby carrier

My friend, Payton, made a wearable habitat for a fish bowl that I plan to model my carrier off. I’m meeting with him on Wednesday to discuss his process.

Over the weekend, I went plant shopping to find the perfect plant for this role. I purchased a Marble Pothos plant (seen in the image below). Pothos plants require lowlight so it should be okay in my windowless office and on the subway. I plan on keeping it near a window in my apartment when I’m home and it will get light when I’m outside. Pothos plants are also supposed to be hardy and will hopefully withstand the mobile life.

My Marble Pothos plant.

I purchased a fish bowl so that I can more easily adapt Payton’s fish habitat design for my plant. I also really like the aesthetic of a clear container so that I and the people around me can see more of the soil and roots of the plant. Reading up on Pothos care, they require at least one drainage hole in their container so I drilled a hole in the bottom of the fish bowl. I need to plan what will go underneath the drain while the plant is in its carrier. Perhaps a round, absorbent pad of some kind? See below for images of the fish bowl and drilling process.

Fish bowl and drill setup.
Me drilling a drainage hole in the fish bowl.

Last week I wrote about my subway ad replacement idea. I ordered my posters and they have arrived and look great! But after talking to Mark, I am going to work my way up to that larger form of graffiti (which some may consider it to be) and instead start smaller with more manageable stickers that I’m making. I have the sticker paper and will upload my designs as soon as I get time to create them.

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