Project Update

I’ve decided to completely switch gears and design a face/sleep mask that can also calm you down with some sort of VR like a video. I’m imagining those gel masks which I may buy one of to see how it is designed. I want to use VR in some way, like some 360 degree scene that is calming because many people, especially those with PTSD or anxiety, have trouble sleeping. The key is to make it comfortable when sleeping so therefore simple. 


I saw a lot of fonts this week because my design class is doing a project on typography posters and everyone has chosen in a different font. I picked Freight, a serif font that looks really geometric when italicized and really nice in all caps, so I’m excited to play with it. I also saw a lot of logos, because now I’m hyper conscious of them and how they look and are perceived. I listened to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Hop Along, and Wilco. Starting to enjoy the calmer vibier music because I can really relax to it, and I have really been bumping Tibetan Pop Stars by Hop Along every morning. Also Beyonce’s Flawless because it helps me get amped up no matter what time I’m listening to it. I made fried rice this week with sesame oil and soy sauce and that was really good, used frozen veggies which was really helpful. I also froze grapes which are the best snack ever. I worked out every day this week which was the most I have in a while and I’m really glad I did, my body feels strong and I want to try to do that tomorrow too. Sectionals is this weekend so can’t push myself too much.

April 6th

I saw a lot of typography posters because that’s my next design assignment, and they look pretty dope. I’m using Freight for my assignment so I’m going to see how it looks in different weights and stuff. I made a lot of pesto dishes because I got a jar of pesto, but the kind I got is maybe too acidic or they put lemon in it (which you shouldn’t do for pesto) and so it’s kind of off to me. I listened to jpegmafia and skepta, and a lot of other old school and hype music because I made the playlist and DJ’ed for my team at our tournament. I felt really excited last weekend at our tournament and then pretty preoccupied and stressed this week. I’ve also been really terrible at meal planning and eating proper meals this week which isn’t great, especially with working out. My shins have been feeling iffy but my workouts have been okay, although inconsistent.

Planning Timeline

  • Who are you working with?

I’m going to be working alone.

  • What is your general object?

My general object will be an overview of my plant/animal world.

  • What is your plan for a lo-fi prototoype? When do you plan to finish it?

Low-fi protoype will be either a drawing or computer sketch of what I want it to look like. I plan to finish it by next week.

  • What is your plan for a less lo-fi prototoype? When do you plan to finish it?

Less lo-fi prototype will be a better version of previous, in which I start to incorporate modeling magic or clay as the pieces.

  • What is your plan for a medium-fi prototoype? When do you plan to finish it?

May decide to 3D model the figures. Unsure. Still unsure if I want to do a diarama sort of thing bbecause unsure what is really wanted of us.

Future Utopia Project

I believe that in 20 years from now, it will be a utopia. I think that I will focus on animals, nature, science, ruins, sexuality, and general ethics. I want the story to be that there are little to no humans, and that the world is being slowly rebuilt from human’s destruction. It focuses on plants and animals, and their peaceful harmony without being effected by humans. As for prototyping, I think l may begin with just sketching out what I want it to look like. As of now, I’m imagining some sort of diorama (so basically, elementary school) that represents a small chunk of what my world has. The challenges may be figuring out the right materials and being able to full depict what I want to out of it. I want to transmit the message that if humans keep trying to control and essentially destroy the planet, this is what will end up happening (but in a positive way).

Self Reflection

In going back over my blog posts, I have realized that I draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings, and that I can’t force ideas. Especially looking at my own designs and cooking and music inspirations, they come so naturally and cyclically, and each of them carries on from the previous burst of inspiration. My music tastes evolve week after week, my ingredients for cooking shape from random spurts of ideas and thoughts, such as randomly deciding to use a particular spice that I then decide I really enjoy, and I have learned more and more that I cannot force new ideas to come but rather have to have them come naturally, which is frustrating but how it has to work. I really took a lot from the doodling inspiration, learning that sometimes I have to just word vomit or draw anything out to turn my mind on, which can be seen in my notebook that has a lot of random stuff written out in it before I begin to gather my thoughts. Especially in my college career as I have shifted from classes that are full of writing essays and just getting things on the page, I think design and art requires a very different process that entails a lot more time and less immediate output. It’s certainly weird at first to realize you’re spending hours and hours just brainstorming, but it is very satisfying in the end to know you put the thought into whatever you have created. I also have learned through the Making Oprah podcasts as well as the “Everything is the remix” video, about how creating and forming iterations is such a process, and its extremely nonlinear. It is important to remember that coming about new ideas and developing prototypes may not happen in a linear and straightforward way, but that it is important to write everything down and brainstorm to gather ideas.

Week Seven

This week, I wanted to cook with a new protein so I picked frozen shrimp, which was already deveined and cooked. With it, I made shrimp tacos with avocado, cooked onion and tomato, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. I tossed the shrimp in some cumin and garlic powder. I also made shrimp pasta a few times with the onion and blistered some grape tomatoes, as well as cooked some garlic. I worked on my logo project a bit more, trying to combine sans-serif with serif fonts which is interesting to me, and I paid attention to logos around the East Village (there are a lot). I listened to a lot of old Kanye West, especially from the 808s & Heartbreak album, which had been played a lot on my Spring Break trip, as well as some alt-J and Redman. I feel so conflicted between trying to go deeper into the genres I am most familiar with, like hip hop/rap, and getting into new genres like R&B. I’ve been trying to take it easier in the gym because I think I pushed myself too much coming back from break and realized that my body really needs some lighter work now.

Reflection of Short Videos

The Time and Motion reading was really interesting, and especially “diagonal composition suggest movement, while rectilinear arrangements appear static”. I would never know how different directions and compositions are interpreted, so I was surprised. I really like the animation of the Capturing authentic narratives video, it kept me engaged. This is helpful for my Marie Curie project because it tells what sources are important. The TedEd talk was also very intriguing – I took film in high school and I remember learning something about this in our textbook.

Week Six

This week, I saw a lot of Bobst because I was studying for midterms. I also discovered @sarahbahbah on Instagram, and I really love her work and how she adds quotes that look like subtitles to each of her pieces. Her creative process is to take pictures instinctually, but the words come after a few months of thinking about and looking at the photos, which is realyl interesting and unexpected. I heard more HOMESHAKE this week along with King Krule – both really calm me down. Also made a fun playlist of Talking Heads/MF Doom/Kendrick Lamar/etc, an interesting mix of hip hop/rock/r&b. I thought a lot about statistics this week because of my midterm, but also about my logo project for design and about what I want to make for my portfolio because I feel such a pressure to have a full and good one. I cooked a lot of red onion, made brownie overnight oats with banana, tried the pancake+egg+oat combination (it was okay, not great), and made a lot of coffee. My friend works at Dirty Lemon so she sent me a case of their lemon+ginseng drinks which I really love but they contain a lot of caffeine so I have to be careful. I haven’t been working out as consistently due to studying and some sickness but I’m okay with that, it’s good to give my body a break.