Week Four

This week, I saw a few great photographic opportunities. I am not anything close to a photographer by any means, but I have been noticing lovely moments lately. I was in the subway on my way to Bedstuy, and at the Metropolitan Ave subway station, I looked across to the other side and saw people waiting for the train in a really nice way, their silhouettes in varied manners. I took a photo, with the exposure set so they were all just that – silhouettes. The train came, swept them up, and a man came onto the platform too late I think, because as soon as the train left, he was standing in the same place the people had been, and I took a picture of him. It reminded me of Craiglist missed connections, except for the missed connection was him with the train. I made a collage with the first photo of all of the people a the top, and him at the bottom, showing an interesting contrast between the two. There were also some cool posters and graphics I took pictures of – I want to mess around more with that as well. I heard some Frank Ocean last night that I really liked, and have not listened to in a while. I have also been waking up really early lately so I made a calming playlist of HOMESHAKE and Mac Demarco to play softly as I lay in bed. I have been thinking a lot about school and stress, but also been finding ways to manage anxiety and calm down a bit. Especially on Wednesday, the really beautiful and warm day, I felt really calm and serene and I want to get to that point at least a few times every day, even when the weather blows. I tasted not too many interesting foods this week, but made a pretty nice tomato sauce last night, but I want to try out a different recipe and ratio of flavors. I have been making coffee every morning for myself which is nice. Drinking it right now. I have been feeling pretty calm and not stressed as of late, but I know everything is ramping up so this will not be for long. I just have to remember to breathe and see everything in the big picture. I haven’t been working out nearly as consistently as normally but I’m okay with that.

Marie Curie Storyboard

Marie Curie is born in 1867 and works as a teacher to support her family after her father loses his savings. She finishes her secondary education and wins a gold medal for that.

Marie Curie meets Pierre Curie in 1884, after placing second in the license of mathematical sciences, and they get married just one year later. They together discover polonium and radium in 1898, leading to Curie’s thesis on if the property discovered in uranium could be found in different matter.

Curie has two daughters in 1897 and 1904 but continues to work, and is made lecturer in physics at the École Normale Supérieure for girls in Sèvres, later being appointed chief assistant in the laboratory directed by her husband.

Making Oprah

Listening to the two Making Oprah podcasts were extremely eye opening. It really did paint a picture of the process of creating a show like that, breaking the mold of an African American being the host. The podcast goes over the arduous process to establish Oprah into who she is today, as well as the very rocky start. She talks about a time in the beginning of her show when racist skinheads in the audience cheered on a man who said there was a difference between a black person and a n*****. She then goes on to speak about a time in which an adulterous man was put with his wife and girlfriend, his girlfriend announces her pregnancy, and a moment that seemed like “perfect television” but Oprah strongly regrets, which lead to her decision to not have shocking ambushed moments like that on her show but rather discuss the aftermath. It shows how highly rated dramatic moments were sadly necessary to give Oprah her name, in hopes that she would then be able to mold her show into more of a talk show setting. To really understand the chronology of how her show and name came to be was extremely interesting and something I hadn’t fully known before. Her process was slow but included some brilliant ideas that really launched her forward, such as when Will.I.Am rewrote “I gotta feeling” to fit Oprah’s show, and I feel as though my process is somewhat similar where I slowly get some good ideas through a more constant and steady path. Her show really came out of nowhere and it was burning a new path – they took extreme risks in every direction and did not expect each great idea and concept to push Oprah to what she is today.

Marie Curie

STEPHENSON, SHARON. “On Marie Curie and Me.” Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction, vol. 18, no. 2, Fall2016, pp. 31-40. EBSCOhost, proxy.library.nyu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=hus&AN=121220038&site=eds-live.

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“Marie Curie.” Edited by Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 31 Jan. 2018, www.britannica.com/.

  • This offers a great overview over Curie’s life.

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  • This is a much more concise and abbreviated history of Marie Curie’s life, yet offers the most important points.

Response to Theft, Allergy, Everything is Remix

I think the discussions we have been having on remixes, especially when you start to talk about the history of music, is a very dense and complex topic. I think of all of my favorite artists and how they have either remixed or been remixed. Artists get around copywright laws easily, and anyone can steal or illegally download music. The book mentions “public domain”, which I always imagine to be a gigantic black hole with words and pictures floating around. Everything that is posted is public domain, so it seems as if everything is fair game. In my Interactive Narrative class, we’ve been talking about fandoms and fan fiction which I think serves as an interesting link as it uses what has been written or said and remixes or draws from it, never really trying to pose it as its own creation necessarily, but I think it can really relate to this subject.

It’s also interesting to look at the type of remixes – and how even a small tune or melody can instantly serve as a remix or imitation even with new instruments.

Week Three

This week was a lot for me in perhaps all of the categories but I’ll narrow each one down. This past week, I saw a lot of beautiful artwork. My friends are all into photography now, and their stuff is really good. I really wish I could see the world in that way. I also have noticed advertisements more – graphic design. I question a lot of choices that people make and I wish I could talk to the designers and see why they placed everything in the way they did. As for hear, I listened to the Fugees a lot. I kind of rediscovered them in a way, and I love Wyclef Jean. Their music is really calming to me and reminds me of Outkast and Nas and I love music like that. Would love to do something with music in my career. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to channel when I have a bad or stressed mood into something productive and positive. I may start drawing again, like I said. I want to really try to create ideas and designs, and I really love making random stuff on Illustrator. For taste, I bought sesame oil, cumin, thyme, and oregano flakes with my groceries. I want to start using them more, especially the first two, in my cooking to see how they effect the flavors. I feel like I sometimes struggle with flavoring my food and want to try to create interesting combinations. I feel stressed this week but positive. I need to stay on top of my work and journal my ideas more. This week I looked into the Life of Pablo album cover because I realized I was subconsciously trying to do something like it for my design assignment. My friend told me it was something called Screen Printing Repetition which I think is really interesting and I love when algorithms and design can blend together like that.

Week 2

I want to categorize every week into see, hear, think, taste, feel. That will help me collect my thoughts better and organize how I reflect on the past week. This past week, I saw a lot of grey because it was the weather was pretty awful for most of it. I saw some interesting murals in the East Village that make me wish I were better at art, but maybe I’ll start drawing what I see more. I listened to a lot of Prince and some Mobb Deep this week, which I really enjoy during my workouts. I also rediscovered Bootsy Collins who I really like, and listened to Jimi Hendrix and Chaka Khan. I definitely want to branch out my music taste and listen to new artists more. I definitely have been thinking more about design elements in my daily life, especially due to my UX class. There is this sponge that my roommate bought that has a handle which makes it really easy to scrub dishware because you don’t have to get your hands all covered in soap. The handle also holds soap inside and has a button that you can push to deposit it into the sponge which I think is pretty cool. However, I feel like it was not user tested too much because when I put pressure on the sponge to scrub pans and pots with a little more force, my finger naturally pushes the button accidentally, and I have been using more soap than I have meant to because of the bad placement of the button, which only really needs to be pressed once. Great concept, not too well excecuted. I also have been thinking about how fridges are so deep making people often forget what they have put in there. I checked my fridge this morning and forgot about the carrots that got pushed to the back of my shelf. There should be a way to redesign a fridge to make it wider and somehow avoid this problem, but I’m not quite sure how that would work. Maybe I’ll try to sketch out some ideas this week. I didn’t cook too many interesting things this week, but I definitely want to get into making different types of salads that aren’t just the boring lettuce/tomato/combination. My friend made a salad with avocado, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, and soy sauce and it was such a great balance of textures, acids, and fats. I also want to try to make shakshouka but unsure if I will be able to make it by next Friday. As for feel, I had a good week of workouts but my foot is currently injured which is frustrating for frisbee and really limits my ability to do cardio which I have been trying to increase. I’m trying to figure out my workout plan for the week with my new class schedule which is difficult, especially with planning meals around it as well. I also got a new journal for this class and UX because they are both all about processes and ideation and I am excited to fill it up with ideas and thoughts.