A More Perfect Union

National Maps

These are national cloropleth maps showing the use of a single word in dating profiles across U.S. Congressional Districts, divided by gender as selected by members of dating sites used in the census. Red represents women, blue represents men. Brighter colors mean more singles using that word in their dating profiles.

©2008-2011 R. Luke DuBois. All rights reserved.
Artwork represented by bitforms gallery, NYC.

the lonely:

the shy:

the sexy:

the bored:

optimistic versus cynical:

funny versus sarcastic:

the happy:

the rich:

marriage against techno:

the conservatives and the liberals:

the crazy:

the kinky:

naughty versus nice:

anal versus oral:

dominant versus submissive:

blondes, brunettes, and redheads:

kissing, tickling, and spanking:

the virgins: